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Windows App Explanation

When you click the windows icon above you will be prompt download a file. After Downloading open and start the the install after it starts installing you will be prompt to Enter Your Contact Information.

After Entering your Contact Information It will finish Installing.
You will have a Icon on Your Desktop and on Your Taskbar Beside your Clock. You might have to Click the Arrow Icon To See it.

It will advise you if it senses any problems with your Computers.

It Also has a Remote Software Bundled With it. Right Click the Icon on your taskbar beside your clock. It will install our Remote Software then all you have to do is give me us a Call at (870) 257-4444 and We will remote in to help you.

If your are not on our Monthly Support Plan a upfront payment for Remote Support is Required.

You can Also add Antivirus through our for $5 a month.
You can Also add Monitoring for Problems for $2 a month.