Residential and SMB Network Design and Support

What Do You Need From Your Network?

  • First we will help you  figure out what you’re trying to accomplish with your home network.
  • Are you just looking to connect a couple of laptops and maybe a WiFi-equipped cell phone to the Internet for Web access? You might be able to get by with a single WiFi  access point.
  • Do you work at home frequently, and require access to a corporate network through VPN (virtual private network) technology? You’ll need a good router that can handle VPN pass-through.
  • Are you a serious online gamer? Do you connect to massively multiplayer online games or through services like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live frequently? We can point you to the right router for you situation.
  • Do you watch TV through the Internet, using services like Hulu or the Netflix? If you’re streaming video from the Internet to multiple locations in your home, you’ll want a reliable networking infrastructure–probably a wired network.

Determining the answers to such questions will go a long way toward ensuring that you build a network suitable for your home without spending too much in the process.

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