New Computer Setup Service

New computers require a one time setup and will also benefit from an increase in performance while removing annoying ads and trial software that you don’t need and most likely don’t want. Below is a list of  what is included in our new computer setup service:

  • Setup User accounts /passwords
  • Apply Windows updates and schedule
  • Install and update Avast! Internet Security (1 Yr subscription included in price)
  • Install Unchecky
  • Optimize Windows startup
  • Remove unnecessary software/trials
  • Install provided software
  • Create restore point
  • Copy files from old computer
  • Copy bookmarks from old computer
  • Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
  • Set default web browser, homepage and search provider
  • Install Java, .NET, Silverlight and Adobe Reader
  • Create restore media on USB drive or DVDs
  • Adjust power settings
  • Setup backup (Requires external hard drive or online backup subscription)
  • Defragment hard drive

Yes even new computers can perform “better than new” after our computer setup and optimization service.

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