Tune UP

Computer and Laptop Tune up Services

Is your computer running slow or showing signs of age, but not getting pop ups or odd error messages? Most likely you just need a tune up. However tune ups aren’t just good for older computers. Even brand new computers can benefit from our tune up services to make sure your antivirus is up to date and active as well as removing unwanted programs that are bundled with new computers that cause unwanted advertisements and take up space on your hard drive as well as causing slower boot times than necessary.

  • Test the hard driveComputer and Laptop Tune up Services
  • Stop unwanted start up programs
  • Check the file system for inconsistencies
  • Check if the Firewall is enabled
  • Change Virtual Memory size for best performance
  • Adjust performance settings
  • Change System Restore to 1-3% of drive space depending on size of hard drive
  • Verify anti virus software is installed and up to date
  • Delete unwanted junk files
  • Remove “junkware” and outdated software
  • Optimize startup programs for quicker boot times
  • Update outdated software to their latest versions
  • Install essential windows updates
  • Defragment hard drive

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